Policies and Terms

Clay's Deer Processing does it's best to support the customer, so here is what you can do to help us run smoothly.

Our Processing Agreement

You can feel free to drop off your game to be processed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will process your game with the utmost of care and ensure you get the quality product you are expecting. If your processed game is not picked up within 14 business days then a storage fee will be $5 per day unless other arrangements are made. We have to do this because during the hunting season our freezers fill up fast and holding orders too long could affect our processing line. We can assure you that once you get your order back home and eat it, you will be anxious to pick up you next order.


Our policy is that you will place your animal to be processed in our 24 hour coolers with intent on paying for the animal in full upon the pick up of your order.

Support Policies

We take pride in ensuring you get a quality product for consumption and prepare each order with the motto "If we wouldn't eat it, then neither should you!" Your order will already be packaged and frozen when you arrive to pick it up so bring a cooler or a container that can keep the order frozen until you arrive home.

Pick up check list:

  • Bring method of payment and copy or order sheet
  • Bring a cooler or some way to keep the order frozen until you get home or to your storage destination

Refund Policy

Our processing fees are usually not refundable, but if an order is proven to be incorrect or is not fixable we will refund your money. If a problem should arise we can usually resolve it in the best interest of the customer.

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